Okay the Monkey Wrench block has been chosen for the rotation June-August.

We’ve also chosen the color scheme Green, Yellow, and Purple.

Now we just need to decide the fabrics.

I’ve uploaded 4 choices and numbered each of them.  Please leave a comment with the number of the fabric selection you prefer.

Thank you,


Selection #1

Selection #2

Selection #3

Selection #4


I’ve listed everyone in the swap. I’m still waiting on one address.  If I do not get it by the first of the month I will have to bump that person from this rotation, so if that is you, please send me an email.

This is the way it will work.  You will find your name on the list. For the month of March you will send blocks to the 4 ladies under your name.  In April you will send blocks to the next 4, then in May you will send out blocks to the remaining 5 ladies.

For example; Roxanne Fegley will send blocks to Sandy, Christine H., Wanda, and Judy in March. In April she will send to Deanna, Paula, Kathy, and Kelli L..  Then in May she will send to the last 5 people in the last.

I hope that this makes sense to everyone, but if it doesn’t just let me know.  I will send the list of addresses after I receive the last shipping address or by March 1st, which ever comes first- hopefully the first option.

1) Roxanne Fegley

2) Sandy Hardman

3) Christine Hinchliff

4) Wanda Jones

5) Judy Joosten

6) Deanna Keller

7) Paula Klaassen

8) Cathy Ladd

9) Kelli Lewis

10) Christene Mason

11) Jeannie Pochinski

12) Kelly Reid

13) Cindy Simmons

14) Trina Thomas

It was a close call, but blues, aquas and greens won 5 to 4.  Our next rotation will be purples, yellows, and greens. (Unless there is an objection to that and we need to re-vote.)

So when you follow the tutorial you will use the same colors, but not necessarily in the same order as pictured.

My only request is that everyone uses a white block for the center, and write one of your favorite quotes in there.  It can be about anything. Also find a place to sign it and put the year. I thought that this might be a nice way to have a memory to show the great/grand kids in the future.

You can start making these blocks if you like, but we won’t be sending them out until the beginning of March.

I am going to wait one more week before posting the swap group/instructions just in case we have people decide to join in.

If you have any questions, as always, just send me an email.

Antique Tile won with 3 “first pick” votes. The Disappearing 9-patch was the runner up. So for the March – May rotation we will be doing the Antique block.

Everyone should follow the tutorial so that blocks are the same size – 12.5″ unfinished. Now for the number of blocks… I think that making 1 per person is well enough since the blocks are so big.  However this is not my call so post your choice in a comment below.

Also the 3 colors ways suggested include:

Purples, yellows, and greens

Blues, aquas, and green (or aquas and reds)  (If you choose one of the colorways with aquas please state your choice of complimentary colors.)

Earthy tones (specify the direction of the earthy tones you want to go with)

Please vote for you favorite below.

Since we are running out of time this month please have your comments posted as soon as possible so I can get the next blog out on, or about, the 20th.

Also, remember to tell your friends about this group. People can sign up to participate in the next rotation until the 25th. I will post a blog on/about th 27th with the swap/name instructions for easy reference. (All addresses will be emailed for the sake of privacy.)

Thank you! I think that this rotation will run a lot smoother than the first one, at least I hope it will.

Okay ladies we need decided what block to do during our second rotation.  Here are a few suggestions:

Disappearing 9-patch

Stripy Circles Block

Hour Glass Block


Antique Tile

Everyone please post a comment below stating the one you choose and what colors/palletes you would like to see the quilt made in.

I’ve finally taken the time to get these pictures uploaded.   These are pictures of the blocks received by group members in the first cycle of our first swapping round.

Some pictures didn’t down/upload correctly.  So I’m sure there will be more pictures to post later.

New Banner


We need a banner for our blog along with an avatar-like picture that we can use as a badge for our blogs if we would like.  Put your creative caps on (as if we ever take them off *laughs*), and post ideas in the appropriate discussion topic in the Facebook group.